10 January 2017

Love your body and it will love you back - Guest post

I read this post on Facebook. It's somebody I know but not a client. I have been privileged enough to have witnessed some of this young lady's journey with a diagnosed eating disorder and I was very pleased to see these words which reflect where she is right now as she embraces recovery. 

The following words might be helpful for anyone struggling with eating and/or body image issues.

It's January and that means there's so many ads and promotions about weight loss and 'getting slim' but there's one thing that people rarely talk about; weight gain.
It is a fact that if your weight is too low, and your body is struggling to function to its full potential, you need to gain weight until you're healthy. No one ever tells you how to do it, or how to cope with the whole idea of it in a society that only wants people to
be 'thinner'. Recovering from anorexia, thats one of the hardest things - coming to terms with the idea of weight gain. But you know what? It does not make you fat, the world does not end just because that number on the scales has gone higher, and your worth does not somehow decrease.
Today I found out that I had in fact gained weight, more than I had planned when I began my recovery. But for a change it did not upset me, I didn't freak out and panic thinking I needed to lose it asap. Instead I was proud, because in that second when I looked down at that number I did not become worthless, I did not become obese and the world certainly did not end. The number on the scale becomes meaningless as long as you are healthy and that is what I am. I am healthy, and I am happy. And you can be too.
You do not need to lose weight to be happy, as long as you are healthy that is what matters. There is so much more to life than watching your weight or watching what you eat. It's all about balance, and good health will be so much more rewarding than any fad diet will ever be. It took me far too long to realise that. 
Love your body, and it'll love you back.

A big thank you to Catherine* for sharing

(* a pseudonym)

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