21 November 2011

How counselling is like fishing around a smelly old bin


A friend of mine (The Marvellous Maz) pointed me in the direction of this lady's blog on her experience of depression, and in particular this post on her counselling sessions.

I particularly enjoyed this excerpt:

"Its rather like when you realise you've dropped something valuable in the rubbish bin, and have to go scratching around for it. First you're so careful, not wanting to get anything slimy on your hands. Then you smell something suspicious, and think, gross, it cant be in here, and shut the lid quickly. But you have to go back, you've looked all over the house, and still cant find what you're looking for. So you gingerly poke a few bits of rubbish around, again, not enjoying this grim and dirty task. Soon you realise its no good, you've got bits of crusty baked beans on your fingers anyway, so you may as well have a proper rummage. Old banana skins, orange cartons and mouldy bread are flying out of the bin now at a rate of knots, and somehow, you've got used to the smell and the slime. Because, at last, nestled at the bottom of the bin, hiding in a dark corner, is the item you've been looking for all this time! Hurrah!" 

I do like a good analogy! Thanks Susie.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I found your blog through your comments on Susie's. I'll be following from now on, makes for an interesting read! So thanks for that!
I've just started blogging again myself but mostly for me to get my thoughts out of my head, to make more sense of them.
I wish you the best of luck setting up your practice.

(Someone you know relates to the 1:4 statistic of mental health rather than me saying I'm actually someone you know...people have got confused in the past!)

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