From previous clients

"I just wanted to reiterate my enormous thanks for the work you have done with me over these last few months. It really has been a life changing experience. I have infinite respect for all the training, hard work and experience that you have put into your chosen profession, as I also do for the kindness, wisdom and humour with which you apply it."
- R, Feb 2023 (male, 70's)

(please excuse the huge gap in my updating - 7yrs!)

"Wboth found our sessions with you extremely revealing and although uncomfortable at times, we both thought you handled the tensions brilliantly with a perfect blend of empathy and professionalism"
- H & S Dec 2016 (couple, 60's)

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the time you have spent with me. I didn't know I could feel this much better. Life just seems so much clearer now and everything is just that much easier to deal with. So thank you, truly thank you. I shall miss coming to see you every week but am taking comfort in the fact that I don't need to anymore."
- NR Nov 2016 (Uni student)

"Thank you so much for all of your help, you have helped me think in a different way and I am able to challenge my negative thoughts."
- KY May 2016 (female, 20's)

"I just wanted to say how much the therapy has helped me over the last half year, it's been an immense help genuinely. When I started looking around thinking of therapy I was a bit pessimistic of how much good any therapy could do really on its own so it's definitely surpassed all my expectations. If I'd chosen a different therapist I don't think I would have been able to get as much traction on those existential topics that we talked about especially. Just wanted to say that. Thank you!"
 - PT July 2015 (male, 20's)

"You did an amazing job of rationalising my negative thoughts and helping me to put things in perspective when I felt very down…. I've recommended you to any friends who have been considering counselling as I think you're one of the best!" 
- NO May 2015 (female, 20's)

"I was in a bad place… and just having you to talk to made all the difference. You have a gift for what you do. I am in a much better place now. 
- TP July 2014 (male, 30's)

"I needed someone to talk to, but felt hesitant and wary about approaching a counsellor. As such, I did plenty of research, read blogs and reviewed professional guidelines, hoping to find someone that I would feel comfortable with. From our first correspondence to the ending of the last session, Amanda listened non-judgementally, provided insight and created a safe and warm environment in which to explore whatever was on my mind. To say that Amanda is highly recommended is an understatement." 
- TE Jan 2014 (male, 40's)

"How could I ever thank you enough for helping me find the light, releasing the "lead weight" on my heart... and finding me!....I am so glad your ship sailed into my port."

- DA 2013 (female, 40's)

"Thank you for all the help you gave me. I was able to open up and talk about things in a way that's really opened up the way forward, because you provided such a warm atmosphere"
- NV 2011 (female, 60's)

"I have never felt so comfortable with someone in my entire life bearing in mind that you are sharing your innermost feelings thoughts, problems & concerns & initially with someone you have never met before. I had decided to go into the whole process open minded & to bare all, after all, what is the point in hiding things.
I was instantly impressed with how Amanda made me feel so at ease, the fact that she actually listened to me & everything I had said during our sessions, she made me feel so comfortable & instantly built a bond & trust between us to enable her to help me come to terms & deal with the problems I had in my life.  She was never forceful or offensive in getting things out of me & has a great way of helping to identify problems & the realisation as well as solutions & advice. I would not hesitate to recommend Amanda to anyone & if I ever needed to talk to someone again, Amanda would be my first choice every time." 
- DS 2011 (male, 30's)

"I found Amanda to be friendly and professional. She made me feel at ease from my very first session and was never judgemental. I would have no hesitation in returning for more counselling with her should I feel the need."
- KW 2011(female, 30's)

From a client's partner…

"Thank you so very much for helping the love of my life to understand herself so much more than ever before, which in turn gave her the ability to explain to me her real feelings without guilt or inhibition. That in turn has helped me to understand and equip myself with the emotional and conscious tools to work together with her to make our lives and those who love and depend on us to have more joy, satisfaction and fulfilment in sustainable and loving relationships….(My partner) has achieved a remarkable feat in challenging her demons, which is down to you and the way you have encouraged and taught her to contemplate actions and feelings in a way she hasn't before. Your teaching, listening and help to make life more clear has not only taught (my partner), but taught me too."
- LC 2013

From a fellow student at The Iron Mill Institute...

"Amanda is a very mature, wise person, whose insights run deep. She is intelligent and compassionate. She is great at involving others in often very challenging discussions. She is not afraid of thinking in depth about 'taboo' subjects, nor is she afraid to truly be herself. I have every faith in her abilities as a safe, grounded, potent Counsellor.” 
September 6, 2011

I question the value and ethics of using testimonials in a blog post here.

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