18 December 2015

A friend's perspective on Depression

A friend, Tim Griffin, posted this on his Facebook page. I want to share it because it is important to talk about it, to understand that we are not alone. He wrote it to communicate with somebody going through a rough time. He gave me his kind permission to do so:

Depression being like an alarm system in our brains - one which is saying to us intuitively that something is not quite right inside and out - the alarm gets louder and louder screaming out that a multitude of things needs to change - it can be a very lonely and distressing experience not knowing what needs to happen which direction to go in and trying to muster the motivation and energy to navigate our way through the fog.... it is a process which is undeniably painful and one that we can no longer ignore - there is no snooze button. Instead we get caught up in the symptoms and anxiety of being lost and disconnected which manifests itself in a number of ways - we learn to cope with the confusion and uncertainty through various distractions, coping strategies and defense mechanisms. Ultimately we are engaged in the same process that a snake goes though in order to shed it's previous skin, so that the alarm bells begin to dampen and we can adjust to our new skin. Settling in takes time as we learn misery still exists... sometimes we miss our old skin and want it back.... We can't go under it, we can't go over it - we've got to go *through* it "smile emoticon

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