2 February 2012

Counselling helps you to exist

Originally posted on 02/02/12

Counselling can be extremely difficult for clients. It can be painful, exhausting, excruciatingly uncomfortable and frightening. The time has got to be right.

It is something you can dip into over time, and, when you find a counsellor that you can trust enough to expose and share your vulnerability with then you can venture into the deepest recesses. You can explore together the shadows that have shaped how you respond to existence in the here and now.

Counselling/psychotherapy can help you to understand and accept you in your entirety - fears, vulnerabilities and other less desirable aspects notwithstanding. 

That said, we are still left with the human condition; that we know we will die, that life does not appear to have an obvious "purpose", that we are entombed within our bodily senses and can never truly know what it is to be somebody else. These things, as scary as they can be on the surface, can be worked with and we can move to a place of acceptance. We can balance out the dark with the light. We can rediscover joy by learning that we are, ultimately, wired to love and be loved. 

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Mary from age-well.org said...

I think that it takes a lot of courage to go into therapy or counseling of any type and it also requires humility to accept help.

This being said, some problems which might appear to be in the mind are actually physical so, if your life seems out of control or if you are feeling over-anxious or depressed, it is worth checking your physical health, especially if you have tried therapy and it didn't seem to help.

Thyroid problems can cause depression if you have an under-active thyroid and anxiety attacks if you have an over active thyroid.

See this article by Mary Sophia on thyroid disease that was just published.

halwits said...

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Unknown said...

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