11 March 2015

Testimonials and truthfulness

Some clients tell me that it was reading my testimonials that gave them some reassurance that I might be a good fit for them. That said, it is the page on my site which gets the fewest hits, so perhaps isn't relevant to some of those looking for a therapist.

Whilst I have had some very positive feedback over my years of practising, the testimonials represent just a few of the positive outcomes.  These are where a client has been willing to share some of their experience for future, potential clients to get an idea of why they found working with me useful.

However, I am aware that counselling/therapy does not always guarantee such positive outcomes and it is recognised that many service users are reluctant to give negative feedback in any industry. There have been occasions where a client has disengaged without informing me why. I have no idea of knowing whether it was because my service was not suitable for them, whether they perceived that I did something wrong or whether they felt uncomfortable about making changes in themselves. It could be any of many reasons and I do not try and assume what those reasons were. [Update 1st June 2015: I have made contact via email with some clients that cancelled and disengaged as a courtesy and to ask whether I should close their file. The several clients who have got back to me have said that they are in a good place following therapy which they found very useful, and that they felt they no longer required it.]

I do feel that it is perhaps disingenuous to imply that all my clients leave saying such glowing feedback, although the vast majority of people do report feeling better and that the issues brought to therapy have resolved or improved. But therapy is not for everybody nor am I the right therapist for all those who want counselling.

Testimonials can help a client form part of a picture they are building in terms of what to expect. My suggestions is to read as much as possible and about as many therapists as possible to make a truly informed choice.

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