17 December 2014

The goose is getting sad

I just wanted to write a short post about Christmas. Yes, yes, there's articles aplenty about Christmas and how to cope with it. 

So I wanted to reassure those of you that might be feeling less than magical about the festive season that you are not alone.

There are reasons why this is the busiest time of year for my counselling service and here's a few of them:

Bereavement - Christmas is a prime time to miss a loved one who's no longer with us. The gap left can be made even more unbearable during the holiday season when everybody is pressurised into celebrating the presence of family and friends

Loneliness - all those cheery adverts showing huge family gatherings and parties just highlight this

Family issues - again, those films and ads show us how we're supposed to be doing it. But maybe our family is dysfunctional, antisocial, abusive, absent or just pretty annoying

Money - oh dear, all those gifts, that special food, those nights out…our finances get a hammering and there is so much pressure, especially when there's kids involved

Winter blues - Christmas is allegedly based on a Pagan festival celebrating the return of the light aka the Winter Solstice. The thing is, that lack of light can cause winter blues or even SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and a form of mild depression. That's not conducive to having a festive spirit is it?

I am receiving enquiries daily. This doesn't happen in the Summer. There must be a reason for this…

Maybe, just maybe, Christmas is actually rubbish for quite a few of us.

2 December 2014

New Premises from 1st January 2015

I am delighted to have secured a new room for my therapeutic practice which is only a stone's throw from my existing room. I am moving for various reasons, one of the most important being that I have built my practice up enough to take on my own room full time. I have enjoyed sharing my previous room with a dear friend and colleague but the time has come to take this important step.

This last week has seen me sourcing and organising furniture and I'm looking forward to making this a pleasant space with a welcoming and professional feel.

My new address from 1st January will be as follows:

Room 2
Second Floor
49 North Street

This room is about 3-4 minutes walk from my existing premises. 

The new room is above Milestone Estate Agents. Enter the front door, follow the stairs up to first landing. You will see a second flight of stairs to the right which take you to the second floor. My room is Room 2. There are other therapists working on this floor, all of whom I hold in high esteem, so I will have their company and support.

Please note that that there is no dedicated waiting area on these premises to protect the confidentiality of our clients. 

There is a Cafe Nero on the High Street in very close proximity to North Street where there is Wi-fi should you arrive in advance of your session and need somewhere to wait.

The front door closes late afternoon. For clients with late afternoon/evening appointments please text me as you arrive so I can come downstairs and let you 

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