Here you can find links to some of my blog archive, which I've divided into categories:

General topics

Top 5 Lifestyle Tips - Things to help the counselling  process

Counselling for divorce and separation

Depression as a Tool for Change

Perspective on Panic Attacks

Article on working with trauma published by Counsellors Cafe (March 2017)

Therapists and holidays (September 2017)

Seasonal Affective Disorder - Time to Stop Being SAD

Video Game Addiction

Online Relationships

'Counselling' a rescue dog

Martial Arts and Psychotherapy

Mindfulness and Martial Arts

Personality Testing Tool - Myers-Briggs

Working with Ex-Boarders

Learn more about transphobia

Short piece on gay conversion therapy

Challenging prejudices around sex work

A pluralistic approach to therapy

Meeting my professional hero - Irvin D Yalom

Book reviews

Top 6 Books for Personal Development

Why Love Matters by Sue Gerdhardt

The Body Never Lies - The Lingering Effects of Cruel Parenting, by Alice Miller

Does Therapy Work by Jane Barclay

Existential Psychotherapy by Irvin D Yalom

The Compassionate Mind by Paul Gilbert

Sex in the Forbidden Zone by Peter Rutter

Snippets from Staring at the Sun by Irvin D Yalom

Counselling Techniques

My struggles with a pure CBT approach

REBT versus CBT

Is Art Therapy?

Sandtray Therapy

Three short posts on anger management

Regulation issues

Revisiting the Accreditation Confusion - Sept 2016

The ongoing battle of protecting clients from struck off therapists - August 2016

Unsafe Spaces - Why we need regulation (May 2016)

Who is publicising the accredited registers? - PSA response (July 2015)

Guest Blogger Patrick Killeen - Accredited Registers vs Protected Titles (July 2015)

If I had the power to regulate counselling (April 2015)

A new name for the PSA's registers for counselling and psychotherapy (February 2015)

Regulation - a client and therapist friendly way forward? (November 2014)

The problems with a voluntary regulatory scheme (Sept 2014)

Spreading the word on AVRs - the Professional Standards Authority responds (Sept 2014)

The Regulation of Counselling and Psychotherapy - What the Public Want (June 2013)

For trainee therapists

Letter to Iron Mill trainee counsellors

Counselling Training and Judgmentalism - Guest post by Karen Pollock


Working with Gambling

SMART Recovery - an alternative to the 12-step programme for addiction recovery

Devon Drugs and Alcohol Team Recovery Day, 2012

Workshop/training experiences

Pluralistic therapy with Mick Cooper

Working at Relational Depth with Professor Mick Cooper

Nonviolent Communication

Living With Heart by Gill Wyatt

Working with Gamblers - GamCare Training

Working with Self-Destructiveness

Working with Boarding School Survivors

Amanda Williamson Counselling Service in Exeter, Devon. BACP Registered and Accredited Counsellor.

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