12 September 2012

Amanda Williamson - Counselling in Exeter on Phonic FM

Last Sunday, the 2nd September, I appeared as a guest on Jeff Sleeman's Happy Sundays show, broadcast on Exeter based Phonic FM 106.8FM.

This was my first experience of radio broadcast and I was put right out of my comfort zone by not having a clue what they were going to ask me. My usual coping strategy for public speaking is to be as well prepared as possible. I was quite relaxed about it though, as I invited this new experience as a learning process that would lead to personal progress one way or another...

The presenters, Jeff Sleeman, Phillipa Davies and Anna-Marie Waite were very welcoming and friendly which instantly put me at ease. There was lots of chat when songs were playing, and the content of the show took an organic and coherent flow based on the interaction between the presenters.

I thought that it was worth sharing the podcast of the session on this site, as potential clients may have an interest in hearing me speak about my work and what I have to say about counselling in general. I was in the studio for an hour, and the talking parts are at the times indicated below:

05:30, 11:00 and 20:10 - chat about my background, how I got into counselling

30:55 My perspective on addictive personalities and depression

40:30 The basic science of counselling, linked to spirituality/meditation

51:40 How I prevent potential burnout

Jeff Sleeman Happy Sundays Podcast 2nd September 2012 Part 2

Check out Jeff Sleeman's website - he has some interesting looking seminars and meetings on lifecoaching and careers:


Amanda Williamson is a professional counsellor with a thriving private practice in central Exeter, Devon.

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